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The Benefits of a Vertical Lift Module for Warehouse Productivity

The Benefits of a Vertical Lift Module for Warehouse Productivity

A growing number of warehouses and industrial facilities are turning to automated solutions to improve warehouse operations, profits, worker safety, and comfort. The vertical lift module is one such automated solution: an enclosed set of trays that mechanically delivers goods to the operator.

Vertical Automated Storage and Retrieval System

Vertical lift modules are automated storage and retrieval systems. They can dramatically expand your warehouse storage capacity while also improving material handling efficiency, resulting in faster pick rates.

Use vertical space effectively- Low footprint to free up floor space

Floor space savings of up to 80% compared to conventional storage methods like shelving VLMs will use less area than racking and shelving with aisles. VLMs require no additional space for aisles and store all of your materials in a single compact location.

Modular design for future adaptability

A standalone solution and no grouting required, allow for quick relocation of the machine and quick increase or decrease in height. VLMs can easily be relocated, and trays can be added or removed, as well as automatically re-slotted based on changes in existing inventory.

Safe and secure storage with the Inventory Management Suite

Reduced supervising requirements with a limited, well-defined work area for staff who no longer need to travel between locations. Computer-driven storage activities improve picking and allow batch order processing, and tray weight management guarantees that trays are not overloaded; the unit will not store them until they are adjusted. The overload detection system ensures that the machine load does not exceed any structural engineering standards, and the log-on and log-off passwords identify who controls each piece of equipment, facilitating tracking and reporting and automatic shutter doors for all access openings.


Trays are provided to each operator at the preferred height of 800 – 836mm for increased ergonomics. Reduce bending and reaching for stored things, and the tray delivery height may be adjusted to varied access heights to accommodate different operators, allowing large and heavy items to be delivered at ergonomically optimal heights.

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