A Renowned FMCG MNC having its presence in India for more than 80 years and also across 190 countries is a manufacturer of multi brand consumer goods which also emphases toward making sustainable living a commonplace reality to everyone.

Problem Statement

The Requirements

One of their dedicated Finished Goods (FG) warehouse in West India serving a global brand instilled them to find a single window storage solution provider for Discrete cartons, batch wise FIFO stacking along with the conventional palletized stacking. Their conventional methodology is such that the carton boxes will be wrapped & palletized to be stored at ground which created them an aggravation in handling operations and limited their storage capacity with less space utilization. The requirement was to offer a solution specific to each of its 3 major segments to improve the overall storage capacity to thrice of its current storage in consideration with the future business demands.

The Solution

Multi Product Solution to cater all their key segments (like discrete cartons, Dense & conventional palletized storage) had been offered and as follows

  • Drive-In storage system with 6 deeps to achieve Denser Storage to follow FIFO operation for consumer durables like detergents & soaps
  • Single Deep Pallet Racking system to maximize the storage capacity with G+5 configuration with a column height of 10m
  • Shelving system for storage and retrieval of excess cartons from the pallets through manual handling
Single Deep Pallet Racking System Uses
Shelving System Advantages

Benefits to the customer

Scalable racking solution: Single deep pallet racking system offered with a provision to be converted into double deep racking to store more pallets in the future if the need arises. With 6 deep Drive-In solution the usage of aisle spaces had been minimized. Storage Capacity had been increased to nearly twice the times of their earlier storage method. Handling efficiency of cartons and pallets had been increased significantly because of the effective space utilization which in turn improved the overall warehouse productivity.

Data and Key figures

  • Achieved an overall storage of 25,000 MT from its earlier capacity of 13,000 MT
  • 38,000 M3 Storage volume achieved which is 2 Times of the earlier
  • 13,500 Sqm Storage footprint created
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