Frame Based Mezzanine

Craftsman’s Frame-Based Mezzanine serves the primary objective of optimizing floor space with an elevated platform. Rack-supported mezzanine levels improve the effectiveness of storage space provision in warehouses, distribution centers, offices, and a variety of sectors.

Frame Based Mezzanine Features

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Multi-purpose storing can be enabled by adding shelving racks to the mezzanine floor. Goods Lift (VRC) or Loading gate provisions can be incorporated for the movement of goods. A mezzanine floor is completely independent of the building and is supported by uprights used for racking. Frame-based Mezzanine floors, also known as “Rack supported Mezzanine floors,” serve the dual purpose of shelving and providing floor space on top. View More

Our modular design allows for future expansion through the simple addition of beams and columns, with no on-site welding. Our system can be configured and tailored to fit the warehouse layout. This economical solution is best suited for storing lighter floor loads up to 500kg/sq m and medium spans up to 3 meters. Loading and unloading zones, staircases, and openings can all be placed in handy and essential locations. View Less

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  • Craftsman offers a wide range of pre-designed stairs based on the height of existing decks
  • Modular configuration allows for future expansion without extensive re-engineering as it can be dismantled and reassembled
  • The most cost-effective and efficient means of significantly increasing your floor space and storage capacity
  • Craftsman mezzanines are quick and easy to install
  • Cost-efficient method
  • Fully demountable, and can be relocated at a later date
  • Increased potential storage space. They can be integrated with the shelving system
  • Seamless integration within an existing environment
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