Boltless Shelving

From modest backrooms to multilevel archives, the boltless shelving system meets all your storage needs. Boltless Industrial Shelving Systems is designed for easy assembly. One can adjust and reconfigure boltless shelving quickly and easily, making it a versatile option for any warehouse or storage space.

Boltless Shelving Features

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Craftsman Boltless shelving can also be configured for multi-tier storage with possible options for scalability to meet the demand for future shelving expansion in your storage space. This system is appropriate for lightweight load storage. Our boltless shelving systems are ideal for manual storage of light to medium weights, with loading capacities ranging from 50 to 250 kg. While the heights could be configured based on storage space and requirements this is available in spans up to 1800 mm and depths up to 800mm.

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  • Easy to Install, allows for Flexible Assembly
  • Enhanced Product Visibility
  • Customizable
  • Economical
  • Ideally for storing small, bulky, fragile or oddly shaped items
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