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Mini-load ASRS (Automated Storage and Retrieval System) is a type of automated storage and retrieval system that is commonly used in warehouses and distribution centers to efficiently store and retrieve smaller loads of goods. It consists of a series of racks, a crane or shuttle system, and a control system. The system is designed to optimize the use of space and maximize the efficiency of storage and retrieval operations.


There are several benefits of using Mini-load ASRS in a warehouse or distribution center, including:

  • Increased efficiency: Mini-load ASRS can retrieve and store goods quickly, which results in faster order fulfillment and reduced waiting times.

  • Reduced labor costs: The automated nature of Mini-load ASRS reduces the need for manual labor, which can help companies save money on labor costs.

  • Improved accuracy: Mini-load ASRS is highly accurate, which helps to reduce errors and improve inventory control.

  • Space optimization: Mini-load ASRS can store goods in a compact and efficient manner, which helps to maximize the use of available space.

Working Principle

Mini-load ASRS works by using a crane or shuttle system to retrieve and store goods. The crane or shuttle moves along a rail system, accessing each storage location and retrieving or storing goods as needed. The system is controlled by a computer, which coordinates the movement of the crane or shuttle and ensures that goods are stored and retrieved efficiently.


Mini-load ASRS is used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Warehousing and distribution: Mini-load ASRS is commonly used in warehouses and distribution centers to store and retrieve goods efficiently.

  • Manufacturing: Mini-load ASRS can be used in manufacturing facilities to store raw materials and finished goods.

  • Retail: Mini-load ASRS can be used in retail environments to store and retrieve products quickly and efficiently.

Mini-load ASRS is a highly efficient and effective way to store and retrieve goods in a warehouse or distribution center. By using automation to streamline the storage and retrieval process, companies can save time, money, and resources while improving accuracy and maximizing the use of available space. With its versatility and wide range of applications, Mini-load ASRS is an excellent choice for companies looking to optimize their logistics operations.


Mini-Load Shuttle ASRS system is a high throughput automated storage and retrieval system for bins, totes, and cartons. Mini-Load Shuttle ASRS systems are designed with faster performance and operational efficiency, resulting in higher productivity. Craftsman’s Crato, A single-level miniload shuttle system provides optimum space utilization with high throughput capabilities.

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Modular design for scalability

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Controlled Inventory

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Cold storage option


Mini Load stacker cranes designed for smaller loads such as bins, totes, carton boxes, etc. These systems provide both high storage capacity and high throughput throughout the operation.

Miniload Crane
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Flexible bin sizes

Low Energy Cost

Low energy cost

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Regenerative drives


From warehouse automation to production facilities, Craftsman Mini-load ASRS conveyor systems are used for a broad range of applications. Mini-load ASRS conveyor system has a modular transporting system for bins, totes, small carton boxes, and products weighing up to 50 kg. The use of a driving system and presence detection systems enabled by mechanical or optical sensors allow boxes to be moved under controlled conditions to the desired positions

Automated Sorting System
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High throughput

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Parallel order processing

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Low Energy Consumption

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