Footwear & Accessories

Footwear & Accessories

An Indian pioneer in footwear and accessories industries leading the market for more than seven decades with unmatched quality and skilled craftsmanship. Their market presence is vast and having their exclusive footwear showrooms at more than 200+ prime locations across 100+ cities to cater their valuable customers across our country.

Problem Statement

The Requirements

Our client had strategically decided to club the many smaller Distribution Centers into one large distribution center to cater the orders across our country in a motive to reduce the picking time and to improve the storage capacity. They had a conventional methodology of ground stacking which leads to the increasing material occupancy of FG stocks at ground which caused them a hassle in picking & handling of goods The requirement was to provide a storage model to improve the current storage capacity of 5,00,000 pairs to be doubled and minimum 200 cases per hour have to be handled.

The Solution

  • Two Level Modular Mezzanine structure (G+2) along with shelving racks had been designed and erected for storing the cases
  • Chute & PD station had been provided to handle the carton boxes integrated along with the input/output feeding options at all levels
  • Loading gate provision had been offered to assist bulk inward of cases via pallet through Forklift truck
  • Pallet / Trolley movement provision over the catwalk to ease inward & outward movements on all floors
Chute & PD Station Application
Provision for Accessories Storage Industries

Benefits to the customer

Storage Capacity had been increased to more than double accounting to about 10,50,000 pairs from earlier storage capacity of 5,00,000 pairs with improved selectivity to each case. Multiple product variants from different DC’s were accommodated in a single DC with versatile racking configuration. Mezzanine structure and shelving racks are detachable and can be individually positioned to suit the arising storage needs in future if any.

Data and Key figures

  • 9,750 Sqm Storage footprint created as against combined 4,880 Sqm used
  • 100 - 200 Carton boxes / Hour movement with HPT & chute over the Mezzanine system
  • 300+ Pairs / Hour Trolley movement across Mezzanine floors
  • Picking time reduced significantly by 40% from their actual
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