Customer is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of high-quality ophthalmic consumables, including intraocular lenses, surgical sutures, pharmaceutical products, surgical blades, and equipment.

Problem Statement

Problem Statement & Challenges Faced

There is a requirement to address 30,000 bin locations and 500 pallet locations. The area is confined with a maximum clear height of 10 meters. Challenges include the segregation of fast-moving items, storage of materials in cartons, bins/crates, pallets, etc., stage-wise tracking of material movement, tracing, transferring items based on barcodes or part numbers, and managing staging areas and other value-added work.

The Solution

A multi-level shelving system is implemented for storing bins/cartons, a mezzanine system supports vertical reciprocating conveyor (VRC) access, a standalone shelving system is used for buffer storage (to support during peak seasons and certain products requiring cold room applications), and a selective pallet racking system is employed for palletized items ready for shipment.

Single Deep Pallet Racking System Uses
Shelving System Advantages

Benefits to the customer

The implemented solution offers 100% selectivity with a much more economically feasible approach, addressing the prime needs of the customer. It ensures easy maintenance with minimal hurdles regarding safe operations.

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