Mobile Shelving

Craftsman’s Mobile shelving systems are a compact, space-saving solution that can be easily customized to meet your specific needs. These Mobile Shelvig Systems are used for manual restocking as well as quick order pickup.

Mobile Shelving Features

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In Mobile Sheving System, Small parts, fasteners, documents, and books can be stored directly and are ideal in locations with limited storage space and height and when the item to be stored is small. A push Lock is provided in Mobile Shelving System to avoid the movement of shelves while accessing. Safety of SKU is ensured by providing doors with locks. View More

Unlike traditional shelving systems with fixed aisles, our mobile shelving systems allow you to close off aisles when not in use, allowing you to recover 50% of your floor space or double your storage capacity with a common aisle to access the racks. Our fully modular transportable shelving systems provide an unrivaled combination of convenience, versatility, and safety. View Less

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  • Security lock restricts access to the unauthorized
  • 100% approachable to any product stored
  • Provides a high degree of both operational and cost benefits
  • Requires only a single operating aisle for access to all stored items
  • Shelving units close in such a way that they form a closed block, reducing dust entry
  • Easy Order Picking
  • Increase in overall warehouse storage capacity by reducing the number of aisles
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