Long Span Shelving

Long-span shelving systems are intended for manual selection and storage of a wide range of materials, bins, loose objects, cartons, and so on. This type of Industrial Shelving is the most common and can be easily customized for a variety of weight and height configurations by providing direct access to the SKUs in both single-faced shelving and back-to-back shelving.

Long Span Shelving Features

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Designed for warehouses where goods are manually placed and removed from shelves, our system is modular—that is, shelves may be simply rearranged and expanded depending on the products to be stored. Shelf height can be adjusted to a pitch of 50mm. These Shelving solutions also make the best use of warehouse height by making higher levels mechanically accessible. Craftsman’s Long Span Shelving Racks are built similarly to our light pallet racking but are intended to hold non-palletized goods. This enables a transitional application between mild and heavy-duty operations.

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  • Long span shelving racks can store medium to heavy loads
  • Adjustable load levels
  • A wide range of components adaptable to your needs
  • Easily configurable to meet your load volume, weight and handling requirements
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