Cantilever Racking for long items

Craftsman’s Cantilever Racking System is a versatile racking system that is ideal for storing long or varying length objects such as metal beams, pipes, moldings, and wooden boxes, as well as flat items such as wood, and steel plates, and other bulky construction components.

Cantilever Racking Features

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Depending on the length and weight of the items, Craftsman can provide either light or heavy-duty cantilever Racking System. Consisting of columns and cantilever arms, our cantilever racks can be configured for either single or double-sided use. We at Craftsman can customize and tailor our racking depending on the size and weight of the goods stored within the available space to fulfill your storage requirements. All our racking systems are compatible with an extensive range of accessories.

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  • No front upright translates to optimum utilization of space and unobstructed approach
  • Cantilever racking system conveniently allows different kinds of material handling equipment like Crane, forklift or other MHE’s
  • Easy access to each storage location
  • Simple construction with higher strength to store heavier parts
  • Clear vision of each stored item
  • Adjustable storage
  • Highly versatile
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