India’s leading online store for baby products based at Pune and having its presence across our country. They have around 380 stores located across pan India therefore making them a reliable source to the parents in timely delivery & quality pertaining to the baby products with 2 lakh + products and 7.5 million satisfied customers.

Problem Statement

The Requirements

The warehouse was exclusively dedicated to cater the online orders where they were having a storage model of Non modular racking structure without utilizing the predominant warehouse height. Our client was eyeing to find a storage solution to improve the storage capacity by increased space utilization as well as to reduce the picking time. The product variants are colossal and hence they faced difficulties in accessing, identification, sorting & segregation of material which caused them a higher turn-around time per order. The requirement was to instill the JUST IN TIME methodology with respect to the order fulfillment.

The Solution

The detailed study had been carried out and the tailor made solution was made to improve the storage capacity & turn-around time

  • Five Tier Modular Multitier Storage System for storage of material through carton boxes of varied dimensions
  • Material Swivel gate had been provided to Access and retrieve the palletized material through Material Handling Equipment
  • Catwalk provisions had been designed to enable the trolley and hand pallet truck movements to handle the SKU during picking operation
Multitier Storage System for E Commerce
Ecommerce Platform

Benefits to the customer

The storage capacity had been increased to 4 times of its earlier method by utilizing the vertical height of 12m. Multitier system with shelving racks configuration enabled them to assign, store and retrieve SKU from appropriate storage locations at a much faster pace. The storage footprint of 22,500 sq.m was achieved against 3,947 sq.m of earlier. More than 5,000 branded baby products were accommodated in a single system. The shelving configurations are modular and can be upgraded to meet the imminent demands & requirements in near future.

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