Multi-deep Shuttle ASRS

Multi Deep Shuttle ASRS offers an automated storage solution to deliver and stack the products between the different pallet levels. Craftsman's Shuttle ASRS is an integral and holistic operation of different equipment in a tandem. Shuttle ASRS are completely autonomous running orthogonal directions to each other.

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Multi Deep Shuttle ASRS Manufacturers
Automated Pallet Storage and Retrieval System

Pallet ASRS Crane

Pallet ASRS Cranes are designed to deploy customer-specific storage solutions. ASRS Cranes operate at optimum aisle space with faster retrieval. Customized pallet stacker cranes are engineered for stacking of varied pallet dimensions, weight and throughput requirements and racking up to 40 pallets in & out per hour per crane.

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Pallet conveyors, Sorting & Transfer Vehicles

Pallet conveyors, Sorting & Transfer Vehicles are engineered and powered with ultra-modern and modular designing for enabling faster storing & retrieval of inventories. STVs are fully autonomous and enhance ergonomic warehouse operations with efficient and smooth material movement.

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Pallet Conveyor System
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