Multi-deep Shuttle ASRS

Multi Deep Shuttle ASRS offers an automated storage solution to deliver and stack the products between the different pallet levels. Craftsman's Shuttle ASRS is an integral and holistic operation of different equipment in a tandem. Shuttle ASRS are completely autonomous running orthogonal directions to each other.

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Pallet ASRS Crane

Pallet ASRS Cranes are designed to deploy customer-specific storage solutions. ASRS Cranes operate at optimum aisle space with faster retrieval. Customized pallet stacker cranes are engineered for stacking of varied pallet dimensions, weight and throughput requirements and racking up to 40 pallets in & out per hour per crane.

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Crane Shuttle ASRS

Our Pallet shuttle systems are incorporated with Stacker Cranes for higher-density storage racking. The stacker crane carries out movements from input and output locations to the storage channel replacing forklifts for faster and more efficient material flow. The pallet shuttle then moves with the pallet load, from the crane to the innermost free storage location.

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Pallet conveyors Systems

Warehouse operations require a steady flow of materials for production, storage, and dispatch purposes. Every material has diverse features and requires conveyor systems that service handling and distribution within the facility. We at Craftsman design flexible and cost-effective pallet conveyor systems suitable for assembly lines or storage facilities, using automatic or manually controlled workstations thereby increasing productivity and reducing costs.

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Sorting and Transfer Vehicle

The STV system is based on intelligent, high-speed, and rail-guided vehicles customized for specific load-handling applications. This technology is an efficient, cost-effective, and fast option for complex sorting applications or connecting very distant points. It is also an interesting alternative to long conveyor lines and reduces queuing.

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