Carton / Bin Live Storage

Craftsman’s Carton Live Storage systems are best used as supply racks for the assembly process as well as storage and picking racks, they can also be used in a variety of situations to allow compact, well-organized storage of items. It is perfect for warehouses that have a high volume of unique items that are picked in small quantities.

Carton / Bin Live Storage Features

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By default, it operates on the FIFO (First-In, First-Out) principle, with all goods gravitationally loaded at the back of a storage system. Later, the inclined roller brings the SKU to the front and allows the goods to be chosen according to the requirements. View More

Our Carton Live Storage systems can be paired with our Pallet Storage systems to store cartons on the bottom level while pallets are stored on the top level. This decreases the time and distance required for in-feeding. Our Carton Live Storage racks are a space-effective storage system that can be adjusted to match specific demands. They are flexible and quick to install.View Less

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  • Easy rearrangement and expansion of shelves
  • High versatility of storage
  • Carton live storage racks reduce picking time
  • Maximum utilisation of floor space
  • Simple and economical system
  • Manual replenishment and order picking
  • Provision for storage of plastic bins, containers, cartons, pallets and individually wrapped single items
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