Mezzanine & Cantilever Racking

Frame Based Mezzanine

Craftsman's Frame-Based Mezzanine serves the main purpose of floor space optimization with a raised platform. Rack supported Mezzanine floors deploys greater performance of storage space provision in the warehouse, distribution centres, offices and many industries. Frame mezzanine delivers the extra storage with additional warehouse operations.

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Column Based Mezzanine

Craftsman's column-based mezzanine provides an extra floor serving the primary purpose of extra storage space. These mezzanines serve multi-purpose space optimization in the warehouse, distribution centres and most industries. Craftsman provides customized mezzanines to fulfil the storage space requirements with improved warehouse operations in the available vertical space.

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Cantilever Racking for long items

Craftsman's Cantilever Racking System offers a high-density storage solution for long length items stacked at optimum space. Cantilever rackings are designed to deliver ergonomic and modular storage requirements of storing varying product sizes. This racking system eliminates the floor space requirements with increased warehousing operations.

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