Push Back Racking

When it comes to storing the same SKU at pallet level with medium density, push-back racking is one of the preferred options. Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) is used with push-back pallet racking, which saves space.

Push Back Racking Features

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Also, push-back pallet racking systems are appropriate for holding several pallets of the same SKU. All our pallet lanes operate independently, thereby offering a flexible and dense pallet storage option. View More

Once a pallet is unloaded on our systems, the remaining inventory replaces the position of the front pallet by a sliding cart that utilizes gravity, ensuring the uninterrupted availability of a pallet in picking faces. Our push-back pallet racking system can be accessed with all major types of forklifts, including counterbalance, narrow-aisle, and swing reach lifts. Also, they are compatible with an extensive range of accessories such as collision protection, MHE stopper, etc. View Less

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  • Offers better use of available space than most systems
  • Minimizes honeycombing effect in the warehouse
  • Allows increased storage of SKU’s
  • Provides more storage rack area with a single-aisle design
  • Allows for quicker and easier loading/unloading of pallets
  • Low-maintenance costs
  • Saves on labor and labour risks by avoiding both the removal of obstructive pallets by forklift drivers and direct entry of employees channels for goods retrieval
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