Industrial Drives Manufacturer

Industrial Drives Manufacturer

Problem Statement

  • Earlier customer was using 102.19 sq m of area for storing the bins and cartons which includes smaller line items as well as regular inventory.
  • Biggest challenge is to manage inventory for smaller items like stud, nuts, washers, rubber, clamps etc. which is there in the racks.
  • In this the pick time is high which is directly or indirectly effecting the cost.


Manesar (Haryana)

Manufacturer : They are manufacture of mobile and Industrial Hydraulics Drives for tractors

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Problem Statement

The Solution

Customer Benefits
  • 120 sq m space which was earlier used for stores is now been used in R&D Center
  • Warehouse shifted outside the plant.
  • 3600 Class b & c items are placed in the machine.
  • Warehouse area with maintained 5s

Technical Specs of Machine

Tray Size 3040 X 865 X 55 (W X D X H)
Height of machine 12500
Machine Foot print 3370 X 3070 (W X D)
Number of Trays 83 / machine
Number of machines 2
Total number bin stores 3600
Vstore Machine Control
Vstore Machine Operation


  • Installation Date : 17 –August -2019
  • Machine Cycle (First machine) : 25981
  • Machine Cycle (Second machine) : 19457
  • Customer Feedback : After installation of Craftsman Vstore access to article is improved which result high through put over the manual operation also we have saved our floor space that we are utilizing for the other operations
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