Textile Industry

Textile Industry

  • This company is a star production house of Dhotis, Shirts, Inner Wears, Knit Wears, fabrics, Kids & Women's Collection, which is giving the value addition to the life style of every Indian.
  • The company has the dedicated, dynamic and experienced management and staff who keep the company in elevation always. The company started with the wide exposure of dhotis, marketing them as the Indian cultural style and to reach from town to villages.
Multi Shelving Racks in Textile Industry

Problem Statement & Challenges Faced

  • Customer had already built-up Civil RCC building with (Ground + 2 Floors) to handle warehouse + order handling / dispatch operations.
  • Customer wanted to handle multiple FG - SKU variants such as shirts, dhotis, inner garments & combo's
  • Built-up Area: 23,250 Sq. Ft * 3 Floors = 69,750 Sq. Ft
  • Required storage capacity: 1.5 Lakhs Cubic Feet of Storage required by occupying only 50% of total available space
  • Balance 50% space required for other works & operations
  • Clear height of each floor: 18 Feet
  • Customer had built civil mezzanine (G+1) on the North side of the building on each floor for having floor wise operation & wanted our racks to interconnect with the mezzanine system
  • Being RCC building and workplace included, customers wanted to have free space to access windows on periphery area of the building.

The Solution

  • Craftsman proposed the concept of multi-shelving racks in each floor for the height of 17 feet (G+1)
  • This allowed customer to fully utilize the available vertical space in each floor as well as providing connection with civil mezzanine in each floor.

Reason & Advantage for Opting Multi Tier Shelving System

  • Occupied only 45% of floor space and exceeded customer's target storage capacity and hence space saving was the key factory here.
  • Effective utilization of available floor height of 18 feet.
  • Denser storage of SKU's in each level.
  • Providing connection with civil mezzanine was easier with the availability of Catwalk levels
  • Providing customized solution:
    • Customer wanted to avoid too many uprights in the cross-aisle area & building periphery area.

    • Hence, we have taken support from civil beam, wherein our upright will be mounted on a steel plate @ 2.2m from ground level, thus providing access to windows on the periphery and creating a clear 1.55m aisle for man & trolley movement on the cross aisle.

Textile Storage System
Advantage for Opting Multi Tier Shelving System

Our Advantage Over Competitors

  • Involvement from very beginning of the project.
  • Understanding exact requirement of customer and proposing solution design.
  • Fast responses on solution conceptualization.
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