Mining Machinery

Mining Machinery

A leading Multinational company specializing in Products and Services for Mining, Rock Excavation, Rock Drilling, Rock Processing (Crushing and Screening), Metal Cutting and Machining. It provide Products and Solutions for Mining and Rock Excavation, Rock processing and Metal Cutting.

Problem Statement

The Problem Statement

  • Accommodating new Tools & Increasing work in Progress Components.
  • Leverage on Technology to Overcome the Storage Issues
  • Improving the Inventory Handling Process.
  • Improving the Manpower Utilization

The Solution

  • Savings in Crucial shopfloor space consumption. Effective utilization of Production Area
  • Reduction in usage of MHE(Stacker) for Handling Goods.
  • Improvement in Inventory Visibility & Accurate tracking of Consumption Patterns.
  • With Inventory Management Software inbuilt within IPC, Space management within the Machine has become much more Simpler.
  • Area saved by 85%.
  • VStore Footprint (1 machines) : ~6.5 Sqm
Mining Machine Management Software
Mining Machine Management

Benefits to the Customer

  • Effective utilization of the shopfloor space. Also the production area was utilized to its maximum.
  • Enhanced storage capacity.
  • Inventory Management became more easier.
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