Textile & Fashion

Textile & Fashion

One of the premium Knitting brands of South India to have a manufacturing facility of 1,50,000 sq.ft to export across various continents and countries like Europe, America, Middle East & Canada. Through the start of art Manufacturing facility, they have mastered their techniques to serve their customers with highest credibility.

Problem Statement

The Requirements

Our client was in a motive to build a warehouse inside of their manufacturing premise closely to their knitting line to store Raw material as well as Semi-Finished good. Their conventional method of ground stacking possessed a serious threat to accessibility & accountability because of the scattered material occupancy at floor and also our client was facing a challenge to meet the dispatch requirements of 30 MT per day. This in turn instilled our client to find a single window storage solution provider to encounter the above mentioned areas of concern. The requirement was to provide a storage solution to house 500 MT of material out of which 50% was allocated for RM and remaining for SFG respectively.

The Solution

Detailed site survey enabled us to design the Racking systems & Pallets with respect to their material size, handling & packing parameters. The solution was made in consideration with the process flow of material inside their plant

  • Selective Pallet Racking with G+2 configuration had been offered for the incoming RM in the form of YARN bags/Semi-finished fabrics through palletized arrangement
  • Heavy Duty Shelving System The processed knitting rolls from knitting line of various diameters were provisioned to store in shelving levels appropriately
  • Heavy Duty Pallets Completely designed & manufactured by CAL to meet our client’s operational requirement for both YARN & FINISHED FABRIC storage
Textile & Fashion Material Storage System
Textile & Fashion Material Storage

Benefits to the customer

The desired Storage Capacity of 500 MT had been achieved with the customized racking set up for both YARN & FABRIC which improved their accountability & material traceability. Storing knitting rolls over the tailor made shelving system had enabled them to segregate rolls of various diameters. Being their first palletized high racking arrangement we CAL assisted them by providing sample setup to practically use and comprehend the proposed solution. The entire project scope of Design, Manufacturing and erection was under single channel of CAL and the project was handed over within 8 weeks of time.

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