Textile & Clothing

Textile & Clothing

Renowned apparel manufacturer cum exporter based at south India and having its presence across 5 continents are known for their commitment towards quality and delivery. This enables them to be a vital source for the leading apparel brands across the globe.

Problem Statement

The Requirement

One of their dedicated Finished Goods (FG) warehouse serving a global apparel brand follows the conventional methodology of batch-wise case stacking (lot) at ground. The warehouse was gasping for floor space to handle the increasing turnaround of FG stock and this was affecting the accessibility to every lot and handling productivity. i.e. Current capacity of 1,60,000 cases to be doubled and minimum 250 cases per hour have to be retrieved, moved and loaded in a 40’ Container. The requirement was to follow the current storage method with the creation of additional space within the same facility with 100% accessibility to every lot and to complete the container stuffing within 2 Hours Vs 4 hours which was incurred earlier.

The Solution

  • Three Level Modular Mezzanine structure (G+3) for storage lot systematically and ergonomically.
  • High Speed Case Handling Vertical Conveyor with 300 Cases per hour integrated along with the input / output feed conveyors at all levels.
  • Pallet / Trolley handling Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor (VRC) for inward to floors.
  • 100% Adherence to their buyer’s safety requirements and norms without compromising the storage method as required by the customer.
Textile Clothing Storage
Textile Clothing Storage System

Benefits to the customer

Storage Capacity had been increased to more than double accounting to about 4,00,000 cases from earlier storage capacity of 1,60,000 cases. Outward movement right from picking the case from storage location to the container stuffing was achieved within the desired turnaround time of 2 Hours irrespective of vertical handling.

Data and Key figures

  • 6,716 Sqm Storage footprint created as against 1,680 Sqm used
  • 17,628 M3 Storage volume achieved - 3 Times of current
  • 300 Cases / Hour Case movement with High Speed Case Handling Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor
  • 216 Cases / Hour Trolley movement across floors with VRC
  • Single Piece Column Design for stable and safe mezzanine structure
  • Project Executed in 12 weeks’ duration while keeping day to day operations unaffecte
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