Carton Box Storage

Carton Box Storage

Mezzanine floor with Goods lift

Since its inception in 1962 as a weaving enterprise, they have exponentially evolved in the diverse business streams of the textile industry through retailing, research, design, product development, manufacturing, and marketing. One of its brands named 'Madras Yarn' manufactures and exports knitted garments to cater to international markets like the USA, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, etc,

Problem Statement

The Requirement

Their warehouse stores bulk bundles of carton boxes in pallets containing knitwear and finished garments using a Selective pallet racking system. With the help of their Static storage, they can store the goods efficiently but when it comes to sorting and staging the goods for despatch they face the challenge of insufficient floor space to organize the huge volume of palletized goods in a systematic method. Hence, they need additional floor space for their goods staging and processing.

The Solution

Two mezzanine floor areas within the available premises for the sorting and staging process were proposed.

  • Area 1 comprises a G+1 mezzanine area with a total of 476.51 sq.m of available space for the staging and sorting process. This system included a chute and a vertical reciprocating conveyor - goods lift for the movement of carton boxes and pallets between the ground and first floor. Also, 2 sliding-type loading gate was provided for the movement of pallets manually.
  • Area 2 comprises a G+3 mezzanine area with a total of 2200 sq.m. available area for their staging and sorting process.
  • The total height of the system was up to 10.4 meters. For better handling of the pallets to the system 1 VRC - vertical reciprocating conveyor with the same side loading and unloading for all the three floors was considered.
  • Along with the goods lift, 3 sliding-type loading gates at all the 3 levels were provided for manual access.
Mezzanine Floor with Goods Lift
Two Mezzanine Floor

Benefits to the customer

  • With increased floor area by utilizing the vertical space, they were able to standardize their sorting and staging process.
  • After using the system with their piecewise picking and batch picking methods for the orders, their stats showed significant improvement in terms of volumes, process time, and reduced damage.
  • Automated solutions helped to reduce the man movement and proved to be the best use by adapting to the "Goods to Person" principle.
  • All safety features with handrails, mesh fencing and kick plates were provided to ensure safe and ergonomic working conditions.
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