Pallet Racking Solutions

Selective Pallet Racking

We provide Selective Pallet Racking (SPR) for various pallet sizes and load profiles. Selective Pallet Racking’s flexibility and versatility makes it a perfect solution for High Variety, and First In, First Out (FIFO) pallet storage requirements.

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Selective pallet Racking Solution
Live Pallet Racking

Pallet Flow Racks

Pallet flow racks, or otherwise called as Live Pallet Racking, is a combination of gravity flow conveyor and racks. Live Pallet Racking is a perfect solution for High Density, First In First Out (FIFO) pallet storage requirements, especially for batch storage of high volume goods.

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Double Deep Pallet Racking

Craftsman’s Double Deep Pallet Racking increases warehouse density by up to 40% in compared to Single Deep Selective Pallet Racking by allowing two pallets to be stored, one behind the other. It is a versatile and efficient racking solution with a good balance between pallet selectivity and pallet storage density.

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Double Deep Pallet Racking System
Push back & Drive in Racking

Push Back Racking

Push back racking systems are ideal for storing multiple pallets of the same SKU, and are mostly preferable when Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) inventory management is followed.

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High Bay Warehouse

Craftsman Storage offers you the right high bay warehouses customised for your specific storage needs. High bay warehouses offer diverse benefits such as high storage density, efficient and optimum space utilisation, faster and more direct access, high process speeds and secure storage of up to 40 m high. Our system is capable of storing both special load carriers along with conventional pallets types.

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High Bay Ware House Racking
Mobile Pallet Racking solution

Mobile Pallet Racking

Mobile Pallet Racking (MPR) Systems increases Storage density by eliminating aisle space, and is high density pallet storage solution, but also allows access to each individual pallet unlike other high density storage solutions. MPR systems are a viable solution where space utilization is important as well as individual pallet selectivity.

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Shuttle Racking

Craftsman's Shuttle Racking system uses powered shuttles to automatically carry loads into the rack, making it a high-density compact storage solution, it can work in both FIFO ( First In, First Out) and LIFO (Last In, First Out) modes.

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Radio Shuttle Racking
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