Aquasub Engineering

There is an absolute need for this fast-growing pump manufacturing company to rightly organize its products for fast and efficient day-to-day operations by completely utilizing the maximum warehouse space available. The storage solution offered by Craftsman is a combination of modern ideas and a state-of-the-art facility.

Problem Statement

The Challenge

The major challenge is that they found it difficult to store their wide variety of raw materials and Semi Finishes Goods in an organized way. The conceptual idea was to utilize their entire storage area in an optimum way. With the increase in market demand and production scaling up the need for storage space has become a challenge in their existing facility.

The Solution

By putting up an ASRS we were able to use 95% of the high bay warehouse area

  • No of pallet locations: approx. 5000
  • Pallet Dimensions: 810 x 810 x 770mm
  • Max Pallet Weight: 750/ 1000/ 1250kg
  • Type of System: ASRS - Double deep stacker Crane - 23m height
  • No of stacker cranes: 2
Selective Pallet Racking Uses
Multi Tier Racking Application

Benefits to the customer

  • High storage density compared to conventional storage systems/ Dense storage utilizing maximum cubic space available
  • Used 95% of the high bay warehouse area
  • Integration with ERP for accurate and real time inventory management, control and updation.
  • Safe Operations
  • Reduction in operating cost
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