VSTORE - Vertical Storage System

VSTORE – Vertical Storage System

Our vertical storage and retrieval systems with a small footprint, high density, VStore™ makes maximum use of floor and vertical space and offers cost-effective, efficient, quick, and ergonomic solutions to meet your storage and retrieval needs. VStore is a lift type mini ASRS completely in-house developed and completely indigenous manufactured in our facility in Coimbatore.

The possibilities of VStore are endless. VStore vertical storage systems can be deployed in various industries such as automotive, electronics, manufacturing, health-care, retail, logistics and warehousing. Wherever items need to be stored with effective usage of space and retrieved quickly, VStore provides the optimum solution.

Vertical Lift Module

Areas Catered

Areas Catered

Vstore Software Application


Vstore - Fingerprint

By pressing this icon on the user login screen, the user can login to the software with the help of their registered fingerprints

Touch Control Keypad

Vstore - Touch Control Keypad

User interaction with the VStore machine through the VStore software is done with the help of the following keypad interfaced with the software

Export Data

All reports can be exported in three different formats. They are CSV, Excel and PDF

Vstore - Export Data

Technical Data

S.No Tray Width in mm Tray depth in mm Load Capacity Unit Width in mm A Unit Width in mm B
Load Capacity kg (Regular) Load Capacity kg (Heavy)
1 1340 865 500 - 1670 3077
2 1840 2170
3 2440 370 500 2770
4 2840 260 465 3170
5 3040 210 3370
  • Tray Adjustment Pitch 50 mm

  • Tray Pitch 100 mm

Unit Height

Automatic Tray Extraction

Automatic/semi automatic tray extraction for the VStore consists of rigid mechanic construction in the front of access opening of the system

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