One of the India’s leading manufacturing company in Crushing & Screening industry and having their presence across 13 countries globally. They are also the market leader in manufacturer of M-SANDS plant in our country with utmost integrity.

Problem Statement

The Challenge

A new stores facility was tactically constructed within their mother plant to support their manufacturing and assembly activities. The ultimate plan was to accommodate all the necessary SKU right from discrete fasteners to the heavy palletized motors. The requirement was to find and execute an effective storage solution to house all the SKU with respect to its varied size, weight & volume along with the provision for office set up without compromising the storage area and capacity.

The Solution

CAL executed a detailed ground study of their existing stores and the solutions were conceptualized and executed with respect to the inference.

  • Selective Pallet racking system with G+6 configuration had been offered for medium scaled SKUs through caged bins by the provision of pallet support bars with utmost selectivity
  • Selective Pallet racking system with G+4 configuration had been offered for large scaled SKUs through varied pallet specifications along the depth by the provision of tube supported decking panels
  • Multi Tier Shelving System with G+1 configuration to handle discrete items through bins of 3 different specifications along with the loading gate for bulk case handling
  • Mezzanine system accompanied by conventional Heavy Duty shelving system over the first tier so as to facilitate the office set up at the ground and to utilize the storage area at first tier
Selective Pallet Racking Uses
Multi Tier Racking Application

Benefits to the customer

  • Customized pallet racking structure for both the medium & large scaled SKU significantly improved the material selectivity & accessibility. Multi Tier shelving system with completely mesh enclosed set up enabled the safe and secured storage system.
  • Specially designed base plate for the shelving system over the Mezzanine enabled our client to store 5 MT per rack above the Mezzanine . All the executed racking structures are modular, Mezzanine & Shelving systems are detachable and can be suited to meet the varying business needs in future.
  • Phase wise installation and handing over was carried out to support our client’s store operation.
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