Engineering Industry

India’s first mechanized cleaning equipment manufacturer which is offering its solutions across 34 countries globally. With the eminent manufacturing facilities and its product’s excellence along with the customer centric service had enabled them to be a market leader undoubtedly.

Problem Statement

The Requirement

One of their biggest Distribution center to cater across pan India was strategically built closely to their mother plant to act as a storage and a distribution hub. The palletized incoming Finished Goods from their mother plant should be stored at appropriate locations and to be drawn & dispatched as per the order timeline and schedule which accounts to about 250 pallets per day with 2 shifts which may even reach up to 350 pallets during peak season. The storage structure had to accommodate 2000 product variants with multiple pallet specifications in compliance with all safety standards including SEISMIC design requirements.

The Solution

Grouping action had been carried out as a result of which 4 pallet specifications were standardized to accommodate multiple SKU variants and the solution is as follows

  • Selective Pallet racking system with G+8 configuration to store and retrieve pallets with utmost selectivity achieving a capacity of 2500 pallet locations
  • Racking structure was designed and erected as per ZONE III of IS1893 (SEISMIC CODE) with a column height of 13.6m
  • The design and erection had been validated and approved by an authenticated chartered civil consultant
Multi Variant Storage Solutions
Multi Variant Racking System

Benefits to the customer

  • Executed Storage model is a scalable one which achieved a throughput of 350 pallets by the combination of Reach truck and BOPT’s.
  • Versatile racking structure to accommodate all the pallet specifications by which the operational flexibility was increased. The increased efficiency and productivity of the DC allowed our client to supply their customers faster than any other supplier in the industry and ship products overnight.
  • Entire project had been completed in 6 weeks of time with respect to the client’s stipulated schedule.
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