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We design, manufacture, supply and erect extensively engineered
racking solutions for your storage needs.

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From shelving, racking, lifts to automated storage systems, we offer the widest range of customized solutions for your specific requirement

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Explore our range of static storage solutions in Racking and Shelving System

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Storage Systems

Automate your storage and retrieval mechanisms with reduced floor footprint and manpower while increasing the efficiency and promptness of your logistics solutions.

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Our vertical storage and retrieval systems facilitates least footprint and high storage density. VStore™ makes maximum use of floor and vertical space and offers cost-effective, efficient, quick, and ergonomic solutions to meet your storage and retrieval needs.

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Waremat Expo 2023


India Warehousing & Logistics Show 2023

21st to 23rd Nov 2023

We showcased our expertise in the Efficient storage solutions category at the India Warehousing & Logistics Show

Waremat Expo 2023


Waremat Expo 2023

04th to 06th Aug 2023

We showcased our expertise in the Efficient storage solutions segment at the Waremat Expo

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