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Mobile Shelving

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Mobile Shelving

Product Outline

  • Mobile shelving systems consist of a series of shelving which moves parallel to one another and require only a single operating aisle for access to all items stored.
  • The reduction in the number of aisles achieved by this system provides a high degree of both operational and cost benefits.
  • Mobile shelving is a compact storage system; therefore, storage space can be doubled or the amount of space required is reduced.
  • Mobile shelving units are fully modular in construction to adjust the level heights.

Benefits to customer

  • Overall warehouse storage capacity increases by reducing the number of aisles.
  • Easy Order Picking with 100 % approachable to any product stored.
  • When shelving units are closed each other, it forms a closed block and helps to reduce dust entry.
  • Security lock guarantees restricted access to unauthorized.

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