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Carton / Bin Live storage

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Carton / Bin Live storage

Product outline

  • Carton live storage racks are suitable for use as storage and picking racks.
  • Racks are loaded from one end and moves to the other end by means of gravity along rollers for picking.
  • Carton live storage can be combined with pallet storage so that bottom level will be carton live storage and pallet stored in the top level. This reduces time and distance for in-feeding.
  • Flexible and easy to assemble cost effective storage which can be optimized to meet individual needs.
  • Long span shelving system is Modular, depends on the products to be stored, rearranging and expansion of shelves can be easily done.
  • Mainly used to maintain FIFO which suitable for assembly points.

Benefits to customer

  • Maximum utilization of floor space.
  • Reduced picking time by shorter man movement.
  • Excellent versatility of storage.
  • Plastic bins, containers, cartons, pallets and individually wrapped single items can be stored.
  • Manual replenishment and order picking
  • Simple and economical system.

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