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Gitter Box

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Gitter Box

Product outline

  • EUR box–pallet with clear dimensions 1200x800x800 mm is made as per EPAL UIC 435-3 standard and certified by EPAL.
  • The EUR box-pallet having a load capacity of 1500kg, if this load is uniformly distributed on the pallet surface and stackable of four pallets one over another.
  • The standardized size is designed for transporting and storing goods and materials in warehouse and logistic system.
  • Overall size of the EUR box pallet is 1240x835x973mm.

Benefits to User

  • Optimum size for transporting and storing.
  • High stability with high bearing load.
  • Loose parts materials can be stored and transported.
  • Can be handled with manual pallet truck and fork lifts.
  • Long life.

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