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Selective Pallet Racking

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Selective Pallet Racking

Product Outline

  • The most versatile and highly flexible system for storage of palletized products.
  • Economical and Optimum solution for warehouses with palletized products and wide variety of SKU’s.
  • This system allows convenient and unrestricted access to each and every pallet.
  • With low investment costs the racking configuration can be easily modified and extendable.
  • Working aisle and the height of the rack depends upon the characteristics of Material Handling Equipment, pallet size and the height of warehouse.
  • This system has wide range of accessories and safety equipment.
  • New Generation Profiles with increased load carrying capacity and Improved stability.


  • Craftsman Pallet racks are most suitable for common Material Handling Equipment’s (MHE) like Forklift, Stacker and Reach Truck.
  • Craftsman Pallet Racks are more versatile and flexible heavy duty storage system, suitable for any shape of palletized goods and packages.
  • Modular construction of Craftsman pallet racks allows expandable and suitable to re-organize for future.
  • Selective pallet racking offers complete access for palletized loads with High stock rotation.
  • Vertical storage gives economical use of floor space with low investment cost/Pallet.

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