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Push Back Racking

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Push Back Racking

Product Outline

  • In this system pallets needs to be pushed into the rack by using linked telescopic carts.
  • In Push Back Racking pallet is loaded from the front and it pushes the proceeding pallet behind.
  • When the front pallet is unloaded, then the rear pallet replaces the position of the front pallet by sliding cart by gravity.
  • The racking system is mostly preferred when we follow Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) inventory management.
  • This type of racking system has limitation in case of depth, can be considered to a max of five deep. Also It needs MHE to push the load backwards when loading the pallet.

Benefits to customer

  • A pushback rack system is used when there is a space for less deep, it can double or triple your storage when compared to standard pallet rack.
  • Faster picking rates and needs no energy to move the pallets in.
  • Optimum utilization of ground space.

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