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Mobile Pallet Racking

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Mobile Pallet Racking

Product Outline

  • Mobile Racking is, storage racks that are installed on powered mobile bases, that moves on rail tracks installed in the floor.
  • The guide rails for mobile racking system is levelled properly with concrete floor.
  • Mobile racking system uses common single aisle space which gives optimum space utilization between racks.
  • Every individual Racks are powered with electric drive units for mobility.
  • Easily controllable movements with push button installed on the racks.
  • Safety sensor are present to avoid collision between racks and MHE.

Benefits to user

  • High-density storage compared to selective pallet racking.
  • Easy Order Picking with 100 % approachable to any product stored.
  • Overall warehouse storage capacity increases by reducing the number of aisles.
  • Shorter travel distances for MHE movements.

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