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Live Pallet Racking

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Live Pallet Racking

Product outline

  • Live storage system can be used to store Palletized goods as well as Bins and carton boxes.
  • Live Pallet Rack Systems load from one side and unload from the other to create First-In-First-Out inventory retrieval (FIFO).
  • Flow racks consists of roller track placed in an inclined plane which allows the pallet to slide over them. Pallets are put on the roller track on the high side and uses gravity to reach the retrieval side with controllable speed.

Benefits to customer

  • Live storage system has maximum utilization of floor space compared to conventional pallet racking.
  • Live storage racks help in maintaining perfect FIFO (First- In -First- Out) in stored products and its Batches especially in case of shorter self-life.
  • Reduced MHE movement inside the ware house, change over from one block to other for picking different pallet.
  • There is no need for power to move or control the speed of the pallet in the lane.
  • First In-First Out (FIFO) System.
  • Suitable high frequency storage and stock control.

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