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Drive In Racking

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Drive In Racking

Product Outline

  • Drive-In Rack and Drive-Thru Rack systems are high-density storage system. This is a static system with rails running depth wise of the racking for pallet placement.
  • Drive Racks offer the ability to store a large amount of identical SKU in a smaller area. The depth of pallet storage is limited by the approach of MHE which is customer specific.
  • Even though It has limitation in retrieving the pallets, The Drive racks reduces the need for aisles and increases floor space utilization.

Benefits to customer

  • Dive in and Drive thru system increases space utilization with High density storage.
  • Drive-In Pallet Rack Systems load and retrieve from the same side, creating Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) inventory retrieval organization.
  • Drive-Thru Pallet Rack Systems load from one side and unload from the other to create First-In-First-Out inventory retrieval (FIFO); forklifts can enter from either side of racks.
  • Cost-effective solution for storing identical products with large amount. Elimination of aisles between racks.

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