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Double Deep Pallet Racking

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Double Deep Pallet Racking

Product Outline

  • Craftsman Double deep Pallet Rack System consists two row of selective pallet racking connected back to back, instead of one row in Normal SPR and in middle row will have four rows of rack.
  • Double deep pallet racking requires one aisle for four rows of pallet racking, which gives saving in floor space compared to SPR.
  • Double deep Pallet racking requires special MHE which should extend from aisle facing bay to the pallet in rear bay.
  • With low investment costs the racking configuration can be easily modified and extendable.
  • Working aisle and the height of the rack depends upon the characteristics of Material Handling Equipment, pallet size and the height of warehouse.
  • Accessories and safety equipment are similar as selective pallet racking. The second deep requires wire or pallet supports for safety while placing the pallets.
  • New Generation Profiles with increased load carrying capacity and Improved stability.


  • Increased storage capacity compared to Selective pallet racking.
  • No of aisle gets reduced storage space gets increased.
  • Modular construction of Craftsman Double deep pallet racks allows expandable and suitable to re-organize for future.
  • Combination of selective and High dense storage follows Last in First out (LIFO) and an economical alternative to drive in racking.

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