How to improve your warehouse productivity

What is Warehouse productivity?

What is Warehouse productivity?

In today’s competitive global marketplace, we all know warehouses play a fundamental role in logistics of manufacturing companies. Most of the company’s measure warehouse productivity to analyze and monitor the performance of the warehouse operations. Every warehouse intends to maximize productivity by optimizing workflows, following the automated process to handle complex operations with ease and safe, thus saves both time and effort.

How can you boost up your warehouse productivity?

Most of the warehouses have processes and systems in place which leads to warehouse productivity. What is said to be a profitable warehouse? A productive warehouse working efficiently and assures maximum returns by attaining a high-performance level. So what’s the most effective method for increasing warehouse productivity?
Few pointers are listed below:

  • To reduce the investment, instead of purchasing top-notch quality equipment, many warehouses purchase low cost equipment. But this low cost equipment might lead to higher operational costs. It is vital to measure the operational cost in terms of productivity and determine the efficiency of a warehouse.
  • Review or conduct an audit of the warehouse operations and the layout. Stock the items in the quickest order and ensure they can be retrieved with ease and expedite way.
  • Understands what the business sells and optimizes the warehouse storage area accordingly (Fast moving SKUs to less purchased stocks by customers). In simpler terms, grouping and bagging the components that are often used together. This helps to make better use of storage spaces, and reduced delivery times
  • Implement new procedures and the newest technologies available in the market to save time and effort in warehouse operations.
  • It is important to review the SKU constantly to optimize the slots in the warehousing hub.

What’s next when your warehouse productivity increases?

A warehouse with an efficient process leads to customer satisfaction because it helps ensure quick and accurate shipment. Customer retention and warehouse productivity are directly proportional, in case if there are any deviations in the warehouse productivity then it might reflect in the customer retention rate. Warehouse efficiency increases when the warehouse management functions as per the process and eliminates dual work. Any warehouse can be worked efficiently if they consider the following:

  • Optimizing the use of all available storage spaces helps the warehouse operators to access the stocks quickly.
  • Having a good warehouse management system to optimize the walking path for the warehouse operators.
  • Mobile technologies help to eliminate human error; it is always better to upgrade manual paper based systems to digital platforms.
  • Auditing and reviewing of stock regularly.

Key takeaways

To optimize your storage space, it is important to pick the right storage system based on the accuracy criteria, whether it’s an automated or manual storage system. The vertical racking system in combination with right material handling equipment can boost efficiency, picking accuracy, and safety whereas an automated racking system helps to optimize overall operating cost along with satisfying criteria such as picking speed, accuracy, safety, increase in productivity, etc. The best approach to improve your warehouse productivity is to implement a warehouse management system to continually monitor the performance and analyze productivity. Continuous improvement process helps to reduce the costs and to innovate your warehouse operations. Regular audit of your warehouse operations helps to determine the bottlenecks and to find opportunities to optimize your warehouse productivity by adopting process improvements and investing in smart technologies, thus making it within reach.
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