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Our vertical storage and retrieval systems with a small footprint, high density, VStore™ makes maximum use of floor and vertical space and offers cost-effective, efficient, quick, and ergonomic solutions to meet your storage and retrieval needs. VStore is a lift type mini ASRS completely in-house developed and completely indigenous manufactured in our facility in Coimbatore.

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The possibilities of VStore are endless. VStore vertical storage systems can be deployed in various industries such as automotive, electronics, manufacturing, health-care, retail, logistics and warehousing. Wherever items need to be stored with effective usage of space and retrieved quickly, VStore provides the optimum solution.


Lower floor space up to 80% smaller footprint

Minimum maintenance

Reduce personnel costs by reducing picking time



Store safely and securely

Password protected with data logging

Smooth movement for storing fragile items

Automatic Shutter doors for all access openings with safety interlock

Tray wise User Access Control to prevent unauthorized access



Quick storage and retrieval

Up to 80% faster retrieval times than normal shelving

Intelligent height and weight sensing and flexible tray height for optimum usage of vertical space

Reinforced toothed belt drive for quiet operation



Reduced risk of falling loads

Light barrier for safe hand operation

Overload detection system

Automatic height sensing

IP66 Certified operator touch panel

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