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Shuttle ASRS

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Shuttle ASRS

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Shuttle ASRS is a revolutionary multi-deep storage system, comprising of multiple equipment working in tandem:

  • ultra-capacitor powered pallet shuttle
  • Shuttle-carrier
  • Pallet lifter
  • Buffer conveyors


Each Shuttle  & shuttle Carrier operates on a single or multiple levels, and is able to access pallets stored in a level by moving in orthogonal directions to each other.

World’s highest storage density

Craftsman’s Shuttle ASRS system offers up to 90% pallet density, this offers users with unparalleled space utilization.

Tremendous Throughput

The independent and simultaneous operation of each shuttle-carrier system on every level, paired with buffer conveyors and multiple lifts enables unmatched pallet throughput with up to 20 pallets in, 20 pallets out per level, per hour. This multiplied by number of levels provides extremely high throughput.

Ultracap technology

The ultra-capacitor powered Pallet shuttle is able to quick charge within 10 seconds of auto-docking on the Shuttle Carrier. This system allows virtually unlimited charging cycles and 97% availability compared to conventional battery powered Shuttles.

Powerful Shuttle Management Software
The pallet shuttle and Carrier is able to communicate with each other and also with the Shuttle Fleet Management software (SFMS), which relays instructions as to which pallet to store and retrieve from which location.

The shuttle and shuttle carrier is fitted with state-of -art distance, positioning and proximity sensors, and is highly accurate and able to place pallets within  5 mm accuracy

One Stop Manufacturer

In contrast with System Integrators who source equipment and hardware from multiple vendors, Craftsman’s complete in house manufacture of all hardware and software including high precision racking, shuttle, carrier, and highly trained team of skilled software and electronics engineers,  enables very quick order to handover time

of typically less than 4 months. The in-house aspect provides Craftsman with the ability to offer minimum guaranteed uptime of 95% and product lifetime support of 20+ years.

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