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Radio Shuttle

Radio Shuttle

Radio Shuttle is an innovative semi-automated storage and retrieval system. Particularly useful in drive-in and drive-through storage system for storing bulk goods, it enables the forklift operator to multiply the throughput of a system by efficiently storing and retrieving pallets from deep inside the racks.


Powered by a powerful and long lasting Lithium Ion Battery and controlled by a two way radio frequency transceiver the radio shuttle also incorporates state of the art laser distancing and positioning systems for accurate and safe handling of pallets. In-built functions for LIFO and FIFO modes and an optional cold storage version operating up to -3O°C makes the radio shuttle a truly versatile product.

High Density Pallet Storage Solution

Mode Of Operation

FIFO: First In First Out

  • In this mode the shuttle will be configured for loading on one-side and unloading on the other side.

LIFO: Last In First Out

  • In this mode the shuttle will be configured for loading and unloading on the same side.

Pallet Shuttle Racking

Craftsman Storage Syatems offers the full solution including pallet shuttle racking to suit the radio shuttle. The racking can be customized to each individual customer's needs of thoughtput, storage density and building layout.

Standard Equipment

  • 1 Battery with shuttle
  • Charging station for lithium battery
  • Remote controller
  • Battery charger for remote controller
  • User manuals
  • Packaging of devices with wooden boxes

Optional Functions

  • Pallets rearrange "compacting push"
  • Pallets rearrange "compacting pull"
  • Anti-collision between Radio shuttle in the same channel
  • Stock list: counting pallets
  • Multipallet: different depth pallets management in same bay
  • Continuous unloading "plus"

Standard Functions

  • Loading & Unloading
  • Manual mode
  • Distance between pallets 40mm to 150mm programmable
  • Upto 5 Radio shuttle can be managed by remote controller


  • Additional battery
  • Installation & training
  • Cold Storage machine setup from +4 upto -30

MOdel & Dimensions

Model Load kg Pallet Depth mm Pallet Width mm A mm B mm C mm Stroke mm Weight kg
CSS-10.12 1500 1000 1200 947 175 1084 45 200
CSS-12.12 1500 1200 1200 947 175 1304 45 220


Speed with load on board ~30-33 m/min
Speed without load on board ~63-66 m/min
Working range 10-12-16 h

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