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Pallet Crane AS/RS

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Pallet Crane AS/RS

Craftsman manufactures completely automated Pallet AS/RS single deep/ double deep Crane solutions.


  • Guaranteed pallet throughput
  • Optimum Sequencing of material
  • Safe and efficient pallet handling
  • Reliability ensured
  • Controlled Inventory

Contact us at +91 6384451154 to learn more and for a consultation.

Our years of unparalleled expertise in precision manufacturing enables us to develop, manufacture, test and deploy our own products made in India. Functionality and Reliability being the focus, we use the best components from Europe and  As a product manufacturer with in house crane, conveyor and rack manufacturing, we enable the shortest lead time to commissioning.Designed for a lifetime of 25+ years for a trouble free operation, our AS/RS systems combine multiple equipment like Robot Palletizers, Pallet Conveyors, Lift and Transfer/ Turntable conveyors, and AS/RS cranes, all manufactured in-house.

High precision Racking is manufactured in house at our state-of-the-art facility in Pune according to European standards, and assembled according to FEM regulations.

AS/RS system consists of the following four main elements:

  • Conveyors – Pallet conveyors, both roller, and chain conveyors
  • Sorting and Transfer Vehicles (Rail Guided Vehicles) – To complement our conveyors, we manufacture Rail guided Vehicles which sort and transfer the pallets to the required pick and delivery points (PDP)
  • Racks – Standard Pallet Racks but made with high precision and engineered for minimum deflection under load
  • AS/RS Stacker cranes- Designed according FEM specifications, our AS/RS stacker cranes are individually engineered and customized to suit customer specific storage in terms of pallet dimensions, weight and throughput requirements. Up to 40 pallets in & out per hour per crane. In house fabricated, machined and assembled with forks and Geared drives from European partners, to ensure best in class cycle times.
  • WMS- Warehouse Management Software- The software is custom designed to accurately track the pallet position, inventory and enable the right material sequencing and order fulfilment with ERP integration

Contact us at +91 6384451154 or [email protected] to learn more and for a consultation.

Craftsman ASRS Crane Construction:

Multi deep Stacker crane+ shuttle:

Multi deep Shuttle + Stacker crane option is preferred for goods of low variety and high volumes per SKU. The shuttle is equipped with quick charging system with Super capacitors, the shuttle recharges itself on the stacker crane dock within 10 seconds. This ensures High Availability of the shuttle and virtually unlimited charging cycles compared to battery powered shuttles.

The advantages of Shuttle + Stacker Crane are

  • Reduced investment, per pallet
  • Increased density (by reducing aisle space)
  • Better suited for locations with limited bay length


Stacker Crane Photographs:


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